Cover:157gsm Artpaper cover with 2mm cardboard;

Inside pages :100gsm offset paper

Tabs: 200gsm offset paper

Gold spiral

Gold  corners

Pocket: 157gsm Artpaper;

Ribbon bookmark

Elastic; Bubble bag; Polybag;


Lid & Base Box Specifications:

157gsm Artpaper

Single side cover

2mm greyboard


Shipping Box:

300gsm Artpaper cover WE

corrugated paper


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 cm

16 reviews for The Ultimate Mompreneur Planner

  1. Melekia Crawford

    From a woman with a vision and a story to back it up the ultimate momproneur has truly inspired me to plan effectively and to keep up with all my goals and overcome the challenge of procrastination. Thank you for this lovely item

  2. Sandra Ann Solomon

    I bought a planner for my girlfriend, because she has a family and a super busy schedule, and this planner is the ideal planner for her in terms of planning her schedule accordingly, separating each goal differently..

  3. Sherma Mitchell-Scipio

    The best part of having this planner is that I can go back and view previous plans. It is not only for business but has a variety of important sections.

  4. Jeanille Phillips

    I bought this planner instead of others on the market because it offered more than structure, it gives encouragement and focus..Procrastination is real.

  5. Carlene Prescott -Joseph

    I was highly impressed by the package presentation. I felt like I bought something worth while.

  6. Herschel Joseph-Alfred

    It’s beautiful design and the fact that it’s not dated, allowing me to write at my own pace. I’m more Organized, there are reminders for myself and I’m better able to manage my time.

  7. Jhodi

    WoW – what a luxurious gift – quality packaging with an inspiring story!

  8. Cassia

    Oh! It’s so luxurious and high quality. Every last detail of the planner you KNOW a lot of thought went into the planner and each detail the paper, the packaging the box all of it feels rich and high quality in it’s material used.

  9. Devi

    Three benefits of using this planner are 1. Ability to plan goals 2. Stick to them 3. Remind myself to persue more avenues for income – Using the planner changed for me the procrastination for future plans

  10. Shaliza (verified owner)

    Excellent product, well worth the price!

  11. Dionne Mills

    When I first unboxed the planner I loved it, loved it, loved it. I was extremely impressed. It felt great. Looked great. Made me feel like I was already an entrepreneur. It is like a call to action because of the professional and stylish finish. On a funny note, initially, I kept in the box I did not want to spoil the nice polished look.

  12. Dénelle Sandy

    This planner is first, classy and gorgeous! It’s great for helping you set your goals, prioritize the important things and also reminds you to take a breath and take care of yourself. It’s a great tool to help you plan your life to where to want it to go.

  13. Ayoluwa Chase

    It’s a great tool for moms to get it together in every aspect of their life and business. I could not wait to open it. Everything was gorgeous. From the boxing to the planner. The quality is A+. It’s far from your regular boring planner.

  14. Nariscia

    I would recommend it to the person who needs a detailed planner to have everything at their fingertips instead of 2 or 3 planners.

  15. Kelisha Mills

    The extreme thought that went into the presentation and that it was well worth the investment. The best is being able to have all my plans for every area of my life in one planner.

  16. Rachelle-Ann

    The extreme thought that went into the presentation and that it was well worth the investment. The best is being able to have all my plans for every area of my life in one planner.

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The Ultimate Mompreneur Planner

(16 customer reviews)


Our brand new Ultimate Mompreneur Planner is your essential partner for planning your life and business. Be on your way to achieving the success you want in 2021!

Your UNDATED planner will help you to plan and review weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly so you can plan your eventful life like never before!

  • Beautiful gold spiral binding so your planner can lay flat or be folded in half
  • Ribbon marker so you never lose your place
  • 208 Pages
  • 12 Tabbed Quote Pages to separate months
  • Pocket to store a few cards or notes
  • Plan and track your personal goals
  • Meet with your loved ones and list your family goals
  • Determine what are your top business goals
  • Visualize and list your travel goals
  • Detail how you will make self care your priority
  • Plan your amazing projects
  • Have a glance at your week, month, quarter and year
  • Journal about your life and your business
  • Take notes
  • Be inspired with Quotes to remind you of your greatness every day
  • Style your planner with our beautiful illustrations to color when you want some time to relax, or design with our beautiful stickers
  • Undated so you can pick up where you left off (because a mompreneur’s life calls for flexibility!)
  • You won’t get boxed in! You can add pages to your planner with our adhesive insert strips.
  • Have a luxury planner that you can actually use for the two important areas of focus: family and business!

The planner is beautifully packaged inside a luxurious Lid & Base box, and is further protected by a shipping/postage box.

Your Ultimate Mompreneur Planner will help you make your next year the best year ever! Be inspired, focused and keep your dreams BIG! This planner offers guided planning pages and is very functional.

The Ultimate Mompreneur Planner was made for Mompreneurs by a Mompreneur! Expand your life so you can have that symmetry you desire: a successful business and a happy family.

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